Welcome to CK Fengshui site. We provide professional geomancy and life analysis consultation to our clients. We will do our best to give all our client the best solutions. Our Meta-physicists have several years of experience and knowledge in this industries and is being certified by R.O.C Geomancy Association (Singapore branch)

Our services:

阳宅風水 (Residential Geomancy Consultation)
陰宅風水 (Tomb Geomancy Consultation)
商业風水 (Commercial Geomancy Consultation)
择屋择地 (Housing/ land Selection Consultation)
婴儿命名 (Babies Name Selection)
流年八字 (Eight Characters Yearly Life Analysis)
乾坤牌论運 (Chien Kun Card Luck Analysis)
催旺財運法科 (Wealth Enhancing Ritual)
催旺人缘法科 (Charisma Enhancing Ritual)
催旺爱情運 (Enhance of Romance Luck)
催贵人法科 (Summoning noble people for assistance)
催旺文昌学业/事业法科 (Enhance or studies luck/ career prospect)
禁止小人法科 (Stoppage of Backstabber Ritual)
化官非法科 (Dissolve of Lawsuit)
断桃花/第三者法科 (Terminate Extra Martial Affair/ 3rd Party)
开光/安神 (Enshrine/ Settling Of Deities)
改運/祈福 (CHanging of Luck/ Blessing) 
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