Introduction of Master Wilson Ng 黄法强師傅简介

Master Wilson Ng learned traditional taoist procedure when he was young. He assisted in a temple as a volunteer for many years faithfully. His interest in metaphysic grew from there. He took up courses in relation to Geomancy in order to know more about Geomancy.

His mentor, Grandmaster Ricky Chua imparted much of his knowledge on Geomancy to Master Wilson Ng. Grandmaster Chua believed he had passion and talent in Metaphysics. Grandmaster Ricky Chua advised Master Wilson Ng  to set up a company. Master Wilson Ng agreed as he believed his passion for metaphysics can allow him to serve and help the public. Both of them had the same goal and mission: To spread and bring awareness of the traditional Chinese culture “LiuRen”.

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