Mr Simon

I am ardent amulet collector , a lot of members here knows me as simon aka fire38 , throughout my many years in this forum , i am pretty active in the amulet-mart and the gallery discussion department but never once i have gave any recommendation to patronize any amulet or fengshui shop .
However , i have decided to do a write -up to give thanks Master Ng and 六壬仙師 . The story begins in such manner , one of my colleague ( Ben) gave me a recommendation to visit this newly open shop CK fengshui solution at Blk 34 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-852 , he was all praise of Master Ng ( The main consultant ) in the shop .
Since the new year is approaching , i have decided to give to tingle to Master Ng make some enquires . He then relate his price list to me – Wealth card reading $10 , full analysis card reading -$38. His price list sound reasonable and decent to me so i make a appointment and drove to his shop .
I met up with Master Ng , a friendly gentleman roughly in his 40s . We sat down and he asked me how can he rendered his service …… . I pick the full card analysis reading on the menu ……$38
Well , he was 80 percent accurate on the past events which happened . However what impressed me was these ( HE TOLD ME TO TAKE TO TAKE NOTE OF MY CAR NO. ) which was 8318 ….. alot of bros here knows that i am driving this car so nothing to hide … The no came out the very next draw date .